Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The new Year Project : Who brings out the best in me?

I have no idea what my answer to this question is. I know that there are many people who bring out a lot of good in me, but I cannot pinpoint one person who brings out the absolute best in me. I think one this is because I don't know when I am being the best version of myself. There are some people, who may bring out a more outgoing and cheerful side of me, people who bring out a more caring side and there are people who will bring out a will to work hard and achieve my goals; but not, per say someone who brings all these things out to the best of it. And at times, the people who bring out the best in me in some ways, can also bring out the worst. I think instead of looking for that one person who brings out the best, I will spend time with the many different people who bring out aspects of myself that are good qualities and be thankful for that. I am extremely grateful that I have many people who have potential to bring out these qualities and I will take joy in that fact rather than focusing on one person. I am thankful for all these people I have in my life, and hope I bring out good qualities in them as well.
Do you have one person who brings out the best in you, or do you share my opinion?
<3 Ellen xxx