Thursday, 9 January 2014

The New Year Project : Inner peace

To me, the term inner-peace always seemed a bit "hippy-dippy" even though I knew it was probably important. I've never thought much about inner peace, or what it takes to find it. However, I think you have to be content with your life and who you are to really understand what it means to find inner-peace. That is why I chose the quote above. I think a free mind is how you find inner-peace, and you need to be completely happy to experience this. I haven't found inner peace, my mind is way to full or worries and random mess for it to feel free-I'm still happy, but not to the extent where my mind is free and I have found that inner peace. It is something I hope to achieve one day, the feeling of being truly peaceful and happy with your life and yourself sounds like a great one. It gives someone the ability to appreciate what's around them more than others do. I catch glimpses of it at times while I'm with my friends when we are just having fun and feel really comfortable around each other, I sometimes see it on the days I really feel fufilled- you know the days where the things we have done and love have gone to plan and you could only imagine what it be like if the rest of your life went the way that day went. 
Some people never find inner peace, but still live very happy lives. I think that inner peace isn't necessarily always what someone needs, but a very subjective feeling and that is important to remember. 
<3 Ellen xxx