Friday, 10 January 2014

The New Year Project : 5 things you love about yourself

 I've been putting it off all evening because I still have no idea what I'm going to say or where it is even going. I have honestly no idea what I love about myself, I'm hope there is something but I can't think, and I am scared of even trying to think about it properly. I'm afraid of what I won't find so I can't even grasp the idea of what it would take to even think about finding something that would fit into the category of love.

However, now is the time for me to turn into the a massive hypocrite. There problem with our society is that people have got it into their heads that it is wrong to love themselves, it is wrong to be happy about who you are. They worry that they will seem over-confident and boastful if they let people know they love themselves, so by default many people end up not loving themselves, even disliking who they are. To all the people who actually love themselves, I raise my glass to you. As a master of fact I envy you because being happy with who you are makes you a happier person. Being confident is a brilliant thing to be and to those people, good for you! The people who aren't confident, who don't love themselves- the quote above says it all. However, I also think that not only are you allowed to love yourself, but you deserve to love yourself.
The question I wish I knew the answer to is why it is so hard? 
<3 Ellen xxx