Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The New Year Project : Feel good music and films

For today's new year project, I will be sharing my feel good musoc and films- the ones that make me really happy!

For films, any brilliant and fun musical will always make me feel happy but lots of others! Films such as Hairspray, Wizard of Oz or Sunshine on Leith, which is coming out in DVD on the 27th of January- so excited! 
Most Animated disney and Pixar films are feel good films for me. A lot of them bring back good memories and remind me of when I was little, while others are a fun, and also hilarious way to realise that I a still young at heart (sounds weird I know but...who cares?). Tangled is brilliant, as is Finding Nemo, Aladin and so many more!
I also love to watch a good ol' rom-com. They are so funny and cute and everyone loves them. I couldn't even begin to pick a favourite, but everyone has their own. Watch one of them when you feels bit down and it will work wonders!
I always watch Harry Potter when I'm feeling ill or not my usual self. They always cheer me up, I normally watch the first one because it's the least "dark" and it all feels so magical and wonderful to remember being introduced to Harry and the wizarding world for the first time, though that might not be the same for everyone because not everyone will love it to the same level as I might do.

Songs that make me happy are:
Explosions   Ellie Goulding
Teach me how to be loved   Rebecca Ferguson
Old pine   Ben Howard
Time Warp   The Rocky Horrow Show 
Nun   I am Arrows
Move   Little Mix
Walking on Sunshine    (Originally by...) Katrina and the Waves
What are some of your feel good films and music?
 <3 Ellen