Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The New Year Project : Change

Change is often a really good thing, it helps a person grow and develop. Saying that however, I'm not the biggest fan of it because I like to hang on to things that I don't necessarily want or need purely for nostalgic reasons. We want to hold on to the old parts of our life because we are afraid; afraid of growing up, moving on and changing as a person. We don't want I admit to ourselves that a part of our life is over.
Despite all this, I think that change is essential. How else can we (cheesy as it sounds) find ourselves and mature? I think that if there is a moment in life where change is on the cards, try and embrace it -no matter how hard it might be. A lot of good could come from it, sometimes you need to let go of an old part to let a new part of life in.
<3 Ellen xxx