Tuesday, 14 January 2014

The New Year Project : Putting More Happiness into Life

This quote really caught my eye because it is something I have always believed and I think that is something really important to think about. We spend huge chunks of our lives focusing on behaving in a way so that we seem normal and never let our true side out. I think it's so much better to be yourself and be happy while behaving like a complete and utter goon (which I find myself doing on several occasions) than to act reserved and "normal", how boring would life be then? 
Behave in the way that will make you happy, because if you don't then later in life you may come to regret it. You might as well live life to the fullest while you have the chance. Appreciate what you have, what you are and the little quirks you can act on to make you happy. Grasp the opportunity. Use up every day of potential happiness doing what you want to be doing (within reason obviously-don't go vandalising or being violent or something just because you want to), not what you think everyone else expects you to do. Most people probably don't expect anything but you being yourself, and the minority who might judge you or who might want you to act in a certain way really don't matter. Caring about those people who judge you is pointless because you only need those in your life that accept you for who you are.
I think this is a really key way to put more, or keep happiness in your life. The message, in short, is be whoever you want to be, be whatever makes you happy.
What are some of your thoughts on this? Do you agree with my opinions?
<3 Ellen xxx