Friday, 17 January 2014

The New Year Project : Making. Others Happy

The topic for today is share your fool-proof ways to make others happy. I wouldn't say that I have any fool-proof ways because everyone is different and because sometimes the little things you are able to do don't always help as much as they need to. However I saw this quote and thought it was really cute and sounds like a pretty great thing. The idea that by you being happy, you have the ability to make others happy as well. I think this can be something as simple as a smile. A smile shared with a friend, or one offered to a stranger can do wonders and really cheer up someone's day. Making someone laugh is also often a brilliant way to make someone happier. Sometimes there is nothing better than seeing a friend laugh when they have been feeling sad or a bit down in the dumps, and a laugh can really go a long way. 

I really loved this quote as well. It suggests something that I have always believed and I already have a lot of quotes similar to this on one of my pinterest boards and saved to my photo album. It's the idea that by making someone else happy, and seeing that you are responsible for that, it can bring happiness in to your own life. It makes a person so happy to know that your loved ones, and even people you barely know have been cheered up because of you and it's such a brilliant feeling. 
I think it is really important to aim to bring happiness in to other peoples lives. Sharing happiness makes it even more valued; the more the merrier I think!
<3 Ellen xxx