Monday, 27 January 2014

The New Year Project : Keep Going

Losing track and giving up on resolutions is something that occurs basically every year for me; not this year. Yes,  I know what your thinking, we say that every year but does it ever happen? No. However, this time I am determined to keep going.
 I found this picture on Pinterest and just thought it was so cute and had to include it in my post. I think that it will remind me of everything what I have accomplished so far in terms of my goals and resolutions. It will be so much more fulfilling and beneficiall to keep going, instead of giving up- that would just leave me with disappointment. When I'm losing track of my goals I will remember how amazing it'll feel when I reach the end, when I accomplish what I set out to do. I will think about all the good that will come from it. 
Another thing I will do when I am losing track or beginning to fail at one of my resolutions, is to take a step-back and reevaluate: assess where it is going and how I will go about it. If the way I am managing it is not working, I will try some thing new. Kind of like doing a progress report, refreshing the situation and trying again. I will try not to feel disparaged by the feeling of failure I might come across, but instead persevere.
What are something's you would do if you felt like you were losing track of your resolutions?
<3 Ellen xxx