Friday, 31 May 2013

Shopping with my friends!

Yesterday I went shopping with my friends and spent some birthday money. It was a great day and we ended up shopping for almost six hours- a Krispy kreme donut and a peach lemonade in between of course! 
I ended up buying quite a lot, the majority being lip products but I am very pleased with all my purchases. Here's what I bought:

I bought three books from Waterstones - one of my favourite shops!

First I picked up this book - called Race the Wind- which is a sequel to the book One Dollar Horse which is a lovely story about a girl who dreams of winning the Badmintonhorse event and when rescuing a horse believes she can make it. This book is by Lauren St John ( who wrote the white giraffe- a children's book), I have been wanting to read it ever since I heard it was the sequel. It was £9.99 which isn't too bad considering it is hard back. The blurb reads (may contain spoilers): 
When Casey Blue's Badminton victory earns her and Storm an invitation to the prestigious Kentucky Three Day Event, it is a dream come true. But that dream is about to turn into a nightmare.
After her father is arrested for a crime Casey is convinced he didn't commit, she finds herself the victim of a vicious blackmailer. To make matters worse, Storm is behaving like the wild horse he once was. Faced with losing everything she loves, she needs the help of her farrier boyfriend, Peter, to win Kentucky. But is he for her or against her? 

As it was buy one get one half price in Waterstones, I also got this book called Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher. This also looks like an amazing read and I can't wait to start it. The cover is also so nice, it is on hard back and the book cost £9.99 also, but i got it for half the price.The blurb reads:
I've done something wrong. 
Not a bit wrong, or even a lot wrong. What I've done is awful. 
And do you want to know the worst thing? I've got away with it.
Zoe Collins has a secret- a dark and terrible secret that she dares confess to no one that she knows. But then one day she hears of a criminal on death row who knows all about secrets. And lies. And betrayal. Desperate to confide in someone, Zoe picks up a pen, and takes a deep breath.
These are the letters that she wrote.

I also got Before I Die by Jenny Downham which is a book that I have wanted to read for so long. It is meant to be very sad, but absolutely amazing. I can't wait to read this as so many people have told me how good it is. The cover is so pretty, which although they say you can't judge a book by its cover, I love books that have nice covers as it makes it more exciting. This book was £6.99 which was surprising as I thought it would be more for such a popular book. The blurb reads:
It's really going to happen. They said it would, but this is quicker than anyone thought.
Sixteen-year-old Tessa is going to die. And she's made a list of ten things she wants to do on the time she has left. 
But getting what you want isn't easy. And getting what you want doesn't always give you what you need. And sometimes the most unexpected things become important.
Uplifting, life-affirming, joyous - this extraordinary novel celebrates what it is to be alive by confronting what it's like to die.

For my birthday I got some Lakeland gift vouchers, so I decided to have a look round to see what I could find. There were many things I could have bought, but I decided not to go too wild, and settled on buying two smallish things so that I could come back again. 

The first thing I bought was this giant silicone cupcake case which looks really good and fun to make. It was £2.99 which a very reasonable price, especially for someone cupcake-mad like me.  It takes a two egg mixture, so you can use your standard batch of 12 cupcake recipe (100g SR flour, 100g caster sugar, 100g butter/ baking margarine and 2 eggs.) I am really excited to try this out and see the outcome! 

I also bought these really cute chocolate flower lolly moulds that come with reusable sticks. You simply fill the flower moulds with chocolate and then put the sticks in the correct slots. It looks so easy and fun, and it will look great once they are finished as well. This was £4.99 which is slightly pricey when you compare it to the cupcake case, but not overly-priced. Besides, they are too cute to resist. I can't wait to use these either as they look so pretty and tasty!


The first thing I bought bought beauty wise, was this really gorgeous pinky lip gloss from L'oreal Paris. They are called the stain splash lip glosses and were recommended by Fleur De Force (in her review which is labelled below) as they are a dupe of the YSL glossy stains. I have the colour Romy which is number 102 and it was £7.99, but they look a lot more expensive because of the classy packaging which I really like. So far I really like it and it smells amazing!

The next think I got was this really beautiful Essie nail varnish from the making faces stall in town. It  was £1.99 which I extremely cheap for Essie and it is such a pretty colour. I love it! It is a really lovely bright pink colour called Off The Shoulder. I'm not a huge fan of the name, but I love the colour and, of course the packaging. (It also matches my lipgloss!!!)

I also got a really beautiful lip crayon from Topshop. I absolutely love Topshop makeup and this lip crayon is so lovely. It is in the colour secret party which is a gorgeous red-pink shimmery colour and is very bright. Perfect for when you need your outfit brightening up a little to look more exciting. I adore it! It was £7 and completely worth the price as its really good, long-lasting and I love Topshop's unique packaging.

Finally I bought three MUA lipsticks because it was three for two in superdrug and the lip sticks cost £1 each. They are all really pretty colours with great lipgloss-type pots that you can unscrew from underneath. They are really good quality for the price but quite sheer. I bought them in the shades 4, 5 and 6.

I had a really great day and am so pleased with everything I bought as I think they are all lovely.
<3 Ellen  

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Primrose Bakery

The primrose bakery is a gorgeous cake shop in Covent gardens, London. Not only are the cakes and other delicious treats supplied there beautiful and tasty, but the actual bakery itself is picturesque. It is a completely amazing experience as the shop is so individual and everything I could have wished for. 

The people there were lovely and I was not disappointed. I ordered a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It tasted even better than it looked! <3 After the red velvet, I still didn't feel satisfied and had to order another so I then shared a coffee and walnut cupcake with my sister which was even nicer than the first.
As soon as I got the primrose bakery book I fell in love with it and felt a need to visit the actually bakery as soon as I could go to London. The primrose bakery has two books. One is solely dedicated to cupcakes, the other is much larger and consists of range of the most delicious and exciting things to bake. I couldn't wait to make something and was extremely happy with the outcome when I finally did. They include the most amazing recipes to make your cakes almost as good as the ones at the bakery.

Overall, both the cook books and the bakery are amazing. The primrose bakery is definitely the next best thing, I think it is even better than the hummingbird bakery. It is something everyone should experience as it is great.

<3 Ellen 

      Marshmallow and chocolate cupcakes I made from the book

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

My own fabulous space

Hi, I'm Ellen, I'm 14 years old and I've started this blog Ellie May (may being my middle name) as a little documentation of my thoughts for myself and anyone who may want to read them. It will be a blog to share a few bits and bobs about beauty, my life, baking, and any other random thoughts or daydreams that my spontaneously come to me when I'm least expecting it. I don't know how it will go, what it will end up with, if anything. It is my own fabulous space where I can find out who I am, share my life, and write.
<3 Ellen

Me outside the potters cottage at Godric's hollow- harry potter studios (sorry about slightly clashing coat and jeans)

A quote I love and believe have many more meanings than first meets the eye <3