Thursday, 30 January 2014

The New Year Project : Dear Future Child.....

Dear future child,
I don't know much about happiness. I know how it feels when you are happy, and how it feels when you are not but there is not too much that I know after that. I have worked out that happiness ca. Be quite subjective. There will be times that you feel like you are the happiest that you can ever be, but then something else happens that makes you happier; the same goes for not being happy as well.
I have also come to learn that the things you do, the way you feel and your outlook on life affects your happiness and even though loved ones make you happy, in the end it's down to you.
I have also learned that if you look for happiness too hard than it stops you from living life, which is the thing that most likely does make you happy. As much as it is good to surround yourselves with postivity and inspirational things and think about all the ways to make yourself happier, it is not good to obsess over it. Ironically, that can stop you from being happy. You find the best inspiration when you are not looking for happiness. Your idea of happiness may be different to what it will feel like when you are most happy, so don't focus your life on finding out how to be happy. Focus your life on choosing to be happy, don't think in to it too much. Harry Potter taught me a lot about happiness and love, but when I read it I wasn't searching for that I was just looking for a good story. 
Finally, the most important thing is this:
Don't give up in happiness. 
<3 Ellen xxx