Thursday, 16 January 2014

The New Year Project : Simply Be

The question for todays post is when was the last time you stopped, soaked in your surroundings and let yourself simply be?
I have to say, this stumped me a little. I can not remember exactly when I did this, however I do remember where and how. I went for a walk by myself in the wooded dene area near my house. It was such a beautiful day and I remember feeling happy to be alive, I remember it feeling like the beginning of something. That was the last time that something happened at could answer the question. And I don't know why it was, I just remember it happened. 
I haven't let myself simply be for a very long time. Everything always feels so frantic, rushed and stressed. There is always a fragment of worry at the back of my mind wherever I go so I never feel able to let my self simply be. I think I would feel almost guilty if I did. Worried that time was wasted and that I should have been focusing on other things, however I think that soaking in your surroundings and letting yourself simply be is probably I really good thing to do from time to time. A way to really  appreciate and be grateful for life and every good that surrounds you. It seems like such a simple but important thing to do, yet no one ever makes time for it anymore. 
<3 Ellen xxx