Monday, 26 May 2014

Book Blogging and new blogs

I've started a new blog that is about books called bibliophile.
I found that I was feeling more passionate about books than I was about beauty and I wanted to write about it but didn't want to on here where my few followers are for beauty and fashion so I have started a new one.
I haven't posted in so long partly because if me thinking about that and partly because I have a lot of school work at the moment and exams that I need to revise for.
As of yet, I still an unsure whether I will continue to post on here after my exams are over, or just dedicate all my blogging time to my new blog. I hope that I will continue but I think I need to play it out and see what happens but either way I think that my commitment will be more towards the new book blog rather than this one.
If you like reading and are interested please check out my new blog, no interesting posts are up yet but they are on the way soon
<3 Ellen xx