Monday, 6 January 2014

The New Year Project: Do more of what makes you happy

The saying "do more of what makes you happy" is really important in my opinion. By doing more of what makes you happy- whether it is work, hobbies, or the people you spend time with- it will naturally make you a happier person. It sounds simple enough, however it is not something everyone does. They get caught up in other things, perhaps for other reasons apart from happiness, perhaps because they dont know how to escape; it makes them feel unhappy, stressed and trapped. Sometimes by changing one small thing in your life, it can transform it. 
Do work that you enjoy, make time for your hobbies and "happiness triggers" and spend time with the people you love. Obviously, happiness isn't always as simple as this but using that saying as guidance can help. 
After thinking about this, I thought about the things that make me happy: spending good times with my friends and family, blogging, baking, reading, netball etc. I realised that all these things were quite simple things, yet something I should not take for granted. They make me happier, and they make up a part of who I am as a person and that is something I need to always remember. 
Do you do the things that make you happy? What are those things?
<3 Ellen xxx