Sunday, 5 January 2014

December favourites

I haven't done a favourites post in a while, so I thought the time had come to do another one. There wasn't that many new things that Stood out in December, but here are the few things that I both loved and discovered/rediscovered last month.

This month, I have really enjoyed using the Brighton Rock lipstick from TopShop. I had wanted this lipstick for ages so I was delighted when I discovered it in my secret santa present from my lovely friend. I really like TopShop makeup; it's all really pretty, is good-quality, and not too expensive which is always a plus. This lipstick is no exception. It is a gorgeous and bright, matte pink colour, that can be layered on to make your lips really stand out, or dabbed on for a more subtle look. It is super creamy, pigmented and stays on all day- I love it!

Another thing I have really liked this month is my Orla Kiely notebook that I got for christmas. I do love a good notebook and this one is great. It has a really pretty but simple design on the front and the edges of the pages are yellow which is always exciting. It is a good size- not to thick (but big enough) so I will be able to fit it in my bag easily, and the paper is good quality. All in all it makes it a lovely experience for writing many lists etc. which is what I love to do and is very useful for a blogger and worrier.. So it is a brilliant little thing. 

I have also really enjoyed burning this little Yankee candle called Christmas Eve. It smells exactly like christmas. It is spicy and fruity and and has the scent of cinnamon, which are all the perfect ingredients for burning over the festive season... It really got me on the Christmas mood. Strange how a scent or smell can change the atmosphere and your feelings. 

The final thing on my favourites list is the CD Freedom by Rebecca Ferguson. Rebecca Ferguson is one of my favourite artists, she has an amazing voice and I thought her first album Heaven was so beautiful and soulful (probably my favourite album ever). This album is quite different to her first, as it goes down a more modern R&B route rather than soul. Although I don't like it as much as her first, it is still brilliant and I have loved listening to it while reading a book and relaxing. My favourite song is probably either...actually I can't decide, I love them all.

I hope you enjoyed reading my December favourites. Sorry for the bad picture quality, that will hopefully all stop soon I just need to find my camera as I am currently taking pictures on my iPad which isn't ideal. I've got posts going up every weekday in January (hopefully) because of the New Year Project blogging challenge that I am taking part in, however I am going to try to do a post each weekend as well to add a little diversity and so it's not to full of the New Year Project. For readers who might want something different or are not enjoying the other posts.
<3 Ellen xxx