Thursday, 2 January 2014

The New Year Project : Resolutions and Obstacles (day 1 and 2)

Personally, I don't buy in to that whole "new year, new me" thing, simply because the fact that it is now 2014 rather than 2013 doesn't change much, and becoming another person as suggested by the statement is both unrealistic and pointless. However, I do believe that a new year is a great starting point to set yourself goals and make resolutions. 
One of my new year resolutions is to stop worrying as much. Worrying is pointless, you end up spending more time worrying then you spend on the thing you are worrying about. It gets you no where and makes you stressed and anxious. This is a resolution I will find very difficult, especially this year because exams are starting and time will fly by, making me even more worried. However, if this happens I will take a step back, relax and try again. 
My second resolution is to blog more, I started my blog about 7 months ago, but since them I have not been very consistent. Hopefully this challenge will be a great way to get me started and back in to the blogging routine. School work is something that could get in a way of blogging, but that is why I plan to organise and structure my time well, as well as "mass-producing" blog posts when I do have time, to go up at different points. Procastination will be a massive obstacle as well, but it is way to early in the morning to think about how I could overcome that, I'll deal with that when it comes.
Finally, I would like to read more this year because reading improves your intelligence, nurtures the imagination and really helps me relax. Also, I want to do this because the BBC book list challenge looks interesting, but there 100 books on the list and I have only read 7 of them so far, so I need to get started if I ever want to finish it. The only obstacles that might get in the way of reading is not feeling like it, not making time for it or letting Harry Potter get in the way which admittedly is very easy, but I will push past all those things.
Fingers crossed that these resolutions are successful! Have you got any resolutions for 2014? 
<3 Ellen xxx