Tuesday, 7 January 2014

The New Year Project : What would you attempt if you knew you couldn't fail?

I think this is a really interesting topic. I have no idea what I would attempt if I knew I could not fail, but it would definitely be something that would a risk otherwise, daring and something I've always wanted to do but am too scared. Then I found this quote (above) on Pinterest and thought it was very relevant and inspiring. If there is something you really want to to but are afraid you will fail, then think about this quote. Stop thinking you won't be able to do it, because then you definitely won't and start believing that you can. Turn that dream that seems so impossible and far away in to a plan that is coming as soon as you are ready. If you don't, you will always regret it. You will always have that question in your mind, that question full of wonder, regret and missed chances: What if? 

After thinking about the top quote, this one popped in to my mind -obviously having a whole library in my mind of Harry Potter and J K Rowling quotes. This quote is quite special to me because I think it speaks a lot of meaning and is a reassurance. I have a bit or a worry/fear (whatever you want to call it) about failure of meeting the expectations I set myself. However, I always thing about what J K Rowling once said. It shows what we all know but don't admit to ourselves, that everyone fails at something. You can not succeed in all that you do, because life doesn't work that way and how would we learn from our mistakes. As much as failing is hard for everyone, there is no way to avoid it and sometimes you have to accept that. As long as it's not a life-or-death thing, try it! See what happens, if you fail either walk away or try again. Otherwise, you would feel you have failed by default by not trying at all.

So those are just a few things to think about and keep in mind. You might barely understand my ramblings, it might seem like complete gobbledygook, or it make a lot of sense and really help (unlikely but fingers crossed...)!
<3 Ellen xxx