Monday, 13 January 2014

The New Year Project : the little things that make me happy

Write in a stream of consciousness about the things that make you happy. Only write about things/sensations/experiences.
That is what I have been given the task of doing today, and I think it is a really good idea. I found the quote shown above in Pinterest and I thought it woul be nice to include it because I think it is very inspiring. By finding joy in the simple things on life, the everyday things it means that you will find something to be happy about everyday and therefore are more likely to live a happier and fufilled life. So I am going to write in a stream of consciousness (meaning no planning, no editing just writing freely) all the everyday things that makes me happy.

The atmosphere and thrill of a thunderstorm. The sound of rain against my roof as I snuggle up in bed. Laughing with friends and family. The comforting experience of a bookshop. Sunshine on a lazy day. Tea and cake. Singing without caring whether it is in tune or not. Reading books on a rainy day. Baking delicious treats..and then eating them of course. That feel-good buzz you get after exercise. Brunch after a lie-in. Long relaxing baths with candles and bubbles. Curled up in your pyjamas watching a film. Days with friends you feel comfortable around so you dont even have to try. Delicious, mouth watering food. Blogging and reading comment on my blog. Writing lists. Finding makeup or clothes that you love. Cuddles with your cat. Receiving a funny text (we all love that moment-don't deny it). The refreshing feel after a long shower. The smell of spring rain. Rainbows. Hugs. The day when you realise everything is going to be okay.

There are many more things I could mention but I had to stop somewhere. I have so much to be grateful for and thinking about it makes me realise how lucky I am. What are you grateful for? What are the little things that make you happy?
<3 Ellen