Sunday, 10 November 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated for this award by the gorgeous Katie ( go check out her blog as it's brilliant! I am very sorry, Katie that it's taken me so long to do this post.
He versatile blogger award is an award where each nominee nominates up to 15 of their favourite blogs to get them more recognition. It feels great to have been awarded and I feel pretty proud of myself and my little baby (my blog). 
The rules: 
Display the blog certificate on your blog
Announce your award on your blog and thank your nominee
Present up to 15 deserving bloggers with the award
Link your nominees on your post and notify them of their nomination
Share 7 interesting facts about yourself

My interesting facts:
1. I love to sing all the time, but can't sing for toffee.
2. I am way too obsessed with Harry Potter fanfiction
3. My favourite singer is Rebecca Ferguson
4. I think it would be great to be a journalist if some sort when I am older
5. Baking is my favourite thing to do, especially when I feel stressed
6. My favourite vloggers are Zoella, Pointless blog, Sprinkle of Glitter and Dolly bow bow
7. I can sing along, scarily accurately to any high school musical song 

My nominees:
Danielle and the world ( )
Ballerinas and buttons ( )
Inside my pocket ( )
Affordable treats ( ) 
Little vintage camera ( )

I hoped you enjoyed this post, I was very pleased to be nominated and I hope you go and have a look at both my nominees blogs and Katie!
<3 Ellen xxx