Sunday, 3 November 2013

October favourites

Another month is over, and there has been quite a few things that have loved in October that I thought I would share with you. I would also like to apologise in advance for the bad photo quality.

The first thing is Sunshine on Leith, which was out in the cinemas recently and is a wonderful musical based on songs by The Proclaimers. It is such a great film that has a just the right amount if comedy and emotion involved and is about two men who have come home, to Edinburgh, after fighting on Afghanistan. This film just made me so happy, and I will definitely be getting the DVD when it comes out. 

The great British bake off ended in October and I really loved the series. It is such a fun, exciting series and is so British and full off baking (obviously) so naturally I love it. Every week was good episode and I always had something to talk about with my friends the next day. I love this programme and can't wait for the next series- if you haven't watched it before. I definitely recommend it!

I rekindled my love for slippers last month, and even though my slippers are past their best, they are so warm and cosy and heaven after a long day. My slippers are from accessorize and I love the style of them and comfort that they provide for me through the colder months. I will definitely be getting my hands on some more from accessorize when mine have fallen apart once and for all.

I have also loved my little black ankle boots in the past month. They are so cute, but practical for autumn/winter as well which is always a must have. These boots are from NewLook and I love he style as they look great with jeans, dresses and skirts and so good for this season. I have literally worn them all October and plan on getting a lot more use out of them over the next few months. 

I have also been loving this lovely Parker from NewLook which is oversized and vintage-look. It has a cosy fur hood, and is so warm, I can't stop wearing it (even indoors). It is a khaki colour which makes it very practical and autumnal, but also means you can wear it with loads of different things. Parker's are very popular this year and you can find them anywhere so it is definitely worth having a look.

The final thing that is in my October favourites is the Rimmel I <3 lasting finish nail polishes. They are great colours and really long lasting too. I have two different shades. One is in the colour double decker red, which is a gorgeous bright, bold red- a great colour for autumn. The other is in the colour disco ball and is a glitter polish which makes a great over coat for a more exciting nail look that is very seasonal. Put the two colours together and you get a very fun, festive look which will be great for December (yay)!

That is everything that I loved in December, I'm sorry that there weren't really any beauty products but I haven't discovered or rediscovered anything recently. I hope you enjoyed this post and had a good October. 
What have you been loving recently? 
<3 Ellen xxx