Monday, 4 November 2013

#britishbloggerselection : Halloween

This is my first #britishbloggerselectIon post and I am very excited about it! As you probably guessed the theme is Halloween.
I love Halloween! I thinks it's is a perfect excuse to dress up, experiment with makeup and have fun. Sometimes there is nothing better than getting dressed up in a spooky outfit and going completely extravagant with makeup, without worrying that it looks too much. 
Unfortunately, Halloween has already past and I was not able to do anything for it because I was away, but here is how you can get this fun, spooky cat makeup look:

1. Start by drawing whiskers and a nose

2. Use an eyeliner pencil on your water line and tight line.

3. Create a winged, cat eye look using liquid eye line. Go under your eye with a little black eyeshadow to create a smudgy effect.

4. Using a subtle gold (or silver) eyeshadow, cover your whole lid, going all the way up to the brow.

5. Use a dark, shimmery purple eyeshadow on the lid, creating a flick to add a more "catty" look to your eye.

That is the finished look! Just add a black clothes, back combed hair, a bold red lip and cat ears and you will have a look perfect for any fancy dress party.

I hoped you like my first #britishbloggerselection post. It was a bit different to something I would usually do but I really enjoyed coming up with a more extravagant makeup look fit for Halloween. 
<3 Ellen xxx