Sunday, 4 August 2013

July favourites

Sorry I haven't  posted in a while, I have been on holiday to Norfolk and have been super busy, so haven't been able to blog while I was away, but as a back at home, back to blogging post I have decided to do a July favourites.
 July is over, and it seems like it had gone so quickly, yet there has been a lot of things that I have really enjoyed. Summer months are such a nice time to have fun and and think about how lucky so many of us are.

1. Amazing days...
In July I have loved those beautiful days when it has been sunny and every thing seems so much more enjoyable. You have the chance to be with friends and family and everything seems so much more relaxed. These days are so simple, but perfect.

2.Candy Crush Saga
Another thing that became a favourite in July is an app called Candy Crush. No I'm not going to lie, I have become a little obsessed with this game, and have even started to dream about it. It is very addictive but amazing. If you don't know what candy crush is, it is a game where you get a number of moves and haves make three's of matching candy to get points, remove jelly etc. It sounds a bit mad and crazy but I love it!

3. Homemaker magazine...
This is an amazing magazine full to the brim with crafts, interior design, textiles and baking. It is an absolute treasure trove that I am so thrilled to have found. It makes a really good read, filled with so many interesting things and is great for days at the beach. It also has some great crafts that I am really excited to try, not to mention a brilliant freebie too.

4. Despicable me 2...
 I went to see this film with my friends and instantly fell in love. The first Despicable me was great, Despicable me 2 was brilliant. It was funnier, madder, more dramatic and had loads more minions in. What more could you ask for. This film is definitely worth seeing, if you like even half as much as I do, you will love it.

5. The fault in our stars by John Green...
This book is amazing and definitely on my favourites book list. It is all about a girl with cancer called Hazel who meets a boy called Gus at a cancer support group where her life starts to change. This book, is not about a girls struggle with cancer, but about about a girl who just happens to have cancer.  Although the book is sad in parts, the illness does not dictate the story in anyway, but adds another layer to it. It is such a great book and if you see it in a book shop, pick it up!

6.  Dream pure BB cream (for oily skin), Maybelline...
I absolutely love this product! It does everything it says it should do (8 things in total) and is great for my skin. I have noticed an amazing improvement since I switched from my foundation to this. It is really light on my skin, has really good coverage and it perfect for summer when you don't want to be laden down with makeup in warmer weather. 

So that is everything that I have really been loving in July. I could have gone on for ages, but had to cut my list short otherwise we would have been here forever. 

<3 Ellen