Monday, 19 August 2013

A Little Chit-Chat

Hi guys!
Do you ever have those days when you just can't be bothered to make an effort with anything, you can't be bothered to go out and only want to make bare minimum interactions with people you know?
Well that's how I felt today. I left any previous plans I had behind and decided to dedicate myself purely  to my addiction to the internet, my pets and Adele. I am being very lazy, and to be honest I am thoroughly enjoying myself. I've been watching tv, knitting, reading endless blogs and brainstorming blogposts to do soon, it's been great!
I have also been watching my cats. This is because about two weeks ago (I think anyway, I get very confused when I'm not at school) I got another cat and we have been trying to make them see eye to eye and get on. It hasn't been to bad, a little bit of hissing but that's all. They have mostly kept themselves to themselves. I have to say it feels a little bit like I'm having a cat affair, which quite possibly proves my obsession with cats...
I hope you are all having a good summer. I definitely am, I don't know abut you but it is so nice to have a whole six weeks with few responsibilities and nothing I have to do. I can do what I want when I want. These things usually are: watching countless youtube videos, blogging and reading people's blogs, watching tv, baking, seeing my all my friends, and of course reading Harry Potter (yet again). I'm pretty sure that I will get bored of it soon enough (I do like to plan and organise) but I know I haven't yet.
I hope you enjoyed this chatty post. I was going to do something else but did not have quite what i needed to do it but I'm sure that that post is co ing soon.
What have you been doing all summer? 
<3 Ellen