Thursday, 29 August 2013

Body Shop Cocoa Body Butter

Sorry that I aren't posted in a while, I've been a bit busy getting ready for going back to school and trying to make the most of my summer holidays while it lasts- I go back tomorrow and I really don't want to! 

I picked this up about for weeks ago, when I was passing by the body shop and noticed that they had a 50% sale. I had really wanted a body butter, but as they are normally £13 they were a little out of my prince range for someone who has there fair share of body moisturisers. However when I saw that it was in the sale for £6.50 I bought the cocoa butter one and I love it! I will definitely repurchase even at full price. 
They have loads of different scents which are all lovely but this one is definitely my favourite. It smells aaah-mazing. I hate using something that smells really strong, because I'm often then using perfume of body spray without realising I already smell like something. This body butter is subtle enough, so that I can still use my favourite perfume without smelling like a strange mix of cocoa butter and flowers, but strong enough for me to not use any other scent and to smell really good al day!
The body butter is really good for my skin too, you get a lot in the pot, but only need to use a small amount. It is super great for my sensitive skin, so gentle, yet really nourishing and moisturising. I have noticed a significant difference in the way my skin looks and feels, usually I get very dry legs which are torture to fix, but not anymore! It is so soft and looks so much better and healthier.
The one bad thing about this product is that it takes quite a while for it to sink into your skin, which can be annoying when you are in a rush, I tend to use it only when I have time, otherwise I get really annoyed by it. However it is so effective that you don't need to use it everyday.
Overall it is a really great Body Butter, the best I have ever used. I know lots if people rave about this product and I am glad that I have tried it as well.
I hope you found this little review useful. If you have been in need of a body butter or have always wondered what the body shop one is like and like what you have read, then I definitely recommend it. But, if you want a fast to-sink-in moisturiser, or are often in a rush but don't want miss out on moisturising after a shower/bath then don't buy this one.
<3 Ellen x