Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summer Look Book

Me and my friend Katie ( spotsandstripes99.blogspot.co.uk) did a summer look book together a while back. I'm sorry this is being uploaded so late into the summer, but there was a lot of camera and uploading mishaps etc. I almost didn't write this because its basically the middle of August, but I thought that since we had already taken the pictures it would be a waste not to. Also it might be nice for you to see what clothes I like to wear.

              Green jeans - TopShop
              Aztec top - New Look
              Necklace - Accessorize
              Sandals - New Look  (still in store)
              Bracelets - mixture of DIY, travelling and gifts.

              Blue and cream striped dress - TopShop
              Cream socks with bows - Primark (still in store)
              Brown brogues - New Look

              Beatles t-shirt - h&m 
              Denim shorts with belt - Primark (still in store)
              Brown aztec pumps - New Look (still in store)

              Cream and lace skirt - h&m
              Aztec crop-top - New Look (still in store)
              Brown flip flops - New Look (still in store)
              Beaded Anklet - holiday gift from friend

              Rainbow pony top - h&m 
              Aztec skirt - River Island
              Mint green baseball boots - Converse (still being sold)

These are all my favourite outfits this summer. They are all very summery, quite girly and colourful. That is the type of thing that I love to wear, especially in summer because I think they are so pretty and the colours make me happy :). 
The final look I am going to show is my friend, Katie's look. She also has a blog where she is also going to do a look book. Please go look at her blog and follow, she is great and you will love her! http://spotsandstripes99.blogspot.co.uk/

I hope you enjoyed this Look Book and found it interesting and inspiring, I'm sorry I haven't blogged for a while, bit I had a bit of a creative block. Look forward to seeing more blogposts soon.
<3 Ellen