Tuesday, 8 April 2014

My everyday makeup products

(Sorry about the awful photo quality, was really late when I took this photo so not only is ther lighting terrible and unnatural but I also had to take it on my iPad as I wanted to get this post up but was running too late to take it on the camera)

In this post I will be running through the makeup products that I normally use on an everyday basis (for school and ordinary, relaxed weekends).
After cleansing and moisturising using the Liz Earle cleanser and then an oil-free day cream from Nivea, I like to use a primer as I find this minimises the appearance of pores, reduces redness and really helps my makeup stay on a lot longer so I don't have to worry about reapplying throughout the day. At the moment I use the Baby Skin instant pore eraser primer from Maybelline. Although this primer does the job and you only need a slight amount of product to cover the whole of your face, I think there are definitely better primers out there for a similar price. I don't mind using it and it improves the look of my skin and keeps my makeup on for longer but I will not be repurchasing it.
After, I use the collection concealer on any blemishes and my dark circles. This concealer is brilliant and I find that applying it under foundation stops it from being patchy and means that it stays on longer.
Then I appy my BB cream (or a foundation). I use the Dream Pure BB cream from Maybelline and it's great. I am on my third bottle of this and will definitely repurchase again. BB cream is much lighter and more healthy for my skin so I find that it is often a good alternative to foundation if you haven't yet found one right for you and think your skin needs a break from heavy makeup. 
After I use the Glow highlighter from TopShop. I don't use highlighter absolutley everyday but I think it always makes my skin look a lot healthier so I do like to use it. I use this in my cheekbones and my brow bones. 
I would use a powder on the oily parts of my skin to set it and keep my skin matte however I am allergic to every powder I have tried. 
For my eyes I start with the Too faced natural eyeshadow collection and take the shade heaven which is a matte cream-white colour and I brush that across the whole of my lid. Then I take velvet revolver, a light, matte brown, and blend that into my crease. I think this a really simple look that is brilliant for the day time, especially when it doesn't need to be very noticeable. (I sometimes venture out of this area and go for something a little more "extravagant" and shimmery but not often and not for school).
Then I take a pencil eyeliner- I use Kohl in black from TopShop which is lovely and creamy-and apply it on my water line and tight line. I think this makes my eyes stand out and brings the look together.
Finally I apply mascara. I use the Benefit they're real mascara which is fantatsic.
I will often also use a lipgloss or lipstick but there isn't a set one that I use most of the time- normally a soft pink of nude. Some examples are Love lorn from Mac (a soft, shimmery, pretty pink lipstick) and a L'oreal lip lacquer in the shade Romy.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed this post. What makeup products do you like to use everyday?
<3 Ellen xxx