Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dragons Egg Lush Bath Ballistic

Recently I tried the dragons egg bath ballistic from lush and I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing yet exciting bath I had as a result. 
Although it didn't look like the most exciting bath bomb available in lush, the main reason I picked it up was because of the gorgeous, rich, citrusy smell that was oh-so-enticing and I couldn't help but pop it into one of those cute, little paper bags and join the shop queue.


It fizzed wonderfully in the bath as bright confetti floated around, and the orange explosion mixed with the happy sounds of popping candy. It was truly brilliant and carried on fizzing for ages too.
The only slight downfall was that it didn't make the bath water quite as exciting as I hoped and as other bath ballistics, but it still looked pretty and exciting. 
Overall the dragons egg bath ballistic made a very enjoyable bath experience and it was definitely worth the money (around the £3 mark I think). However it is not something that I will buy again as I would prefer to try out different bath bombs as, unless you really loved it, there isn't much point getting the same again. 
I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have tries any lush products, what are your favourites? 
<3 Ellen xxx