Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cupcake nails

This is is one of my favourite nail art designs and its really simple to do as well!

Step 1.  Apply a base coat to your nails so to protect them from staining and chemicals.
Step 2. Select five bright, fun, cupcake-like colours and paint each nail a different colour. For this I used: Claire's nail polish in mean green, B.O nail lacquer in shade 90 (a sky blue), Essie nail varnish in off the shoulder (bright pink), glam nail polish in light pink and collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in fruit loop ( peach).

Step 3. Once the nails are dry take a white nail polish with a thin brush (for this I'm using mawkins french white nail polish) and three (or four) frilled lines going vertically down from the top of the nail to no further than halfway to look like frosting. 

Step 4. As you can see your cupcakes nails are beginning to come together. Now you want to take a dotting tool or cocktail stick and use the give different co,ours already used to create sprinkles for your frosting. 

Step 5. Once that has dried take a thicker dotting tool or the balled end of a Kirkby grip and dip it in a dark shimmery red, before creating a cherry on the top end of the nail.

Step 6. As you can see the cupcake looks great and fun. The final step it to use a top coat to give the look a glossy finish.

This nail design is so simple and fun to do. It is a great look for summer!

<3 Ellen