Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Benefit They're Real mascara review

I absolutely love this mascara, but it is quite expensive at £19.50 for the biggest size. As you can see that is a very high price, and you can get mascaras that are really good for half that price, but I still love this. 
It is super volumising and lengthens your lashes immensely while still looking very natural. It also curls your eyelashes beautifully while not clumping them together. Even though it takes a while to perfect the technique as the first few times you use it it clumps a little (but not after you have used it for more than a couple days), it is extremely easy to put one and really makes you eyes stand out, my favourite mascara by far! I also really love the packaging-I love all benefit packaging- as it is sleek and pretty. The effect of the mascara is instant and it lasts all day. Another good quality is that it does not smudge, yet it doesn't dry up on your lashes and crumble off either, which I find a problem with many mascara s that are smudge-free. This mascara is so good, and although it is expensive, if you like your mascara it is definitely worth adding to your birthday/Christmas list if it is out of your price range.

<3 Ellen