Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Primrose Bakery

The primrose bakery is a gorgeous cake shop in Covent gardens, London. Not only are the cakes and other delicious treats supplied there beautiful and tasty, but the actual bakery itself is picturesque. It is a completely amazing experience as the shop is so individual and everything I could have wished for. 

The people there were lovely and I was not disappointed. I ordered a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. It tasted even better than it looked! <3 After the red velvet, I still didn't feel satisfied and had to order another so I then shared a coffee and walnut cupcake with my sister which was even nicer than the first.
As soon as I got the primrose bakery book I fell in love with it and felt a need to visit the actually bakery as soon as I could go to London. The primrose bakery has two books. One is solely dedicated to cupcakes, the other is much larger and consists of range of the most delicious and exciting things to bake. I couldn't wait to make something and was extremely happy with the outcome when I finally did. They include the most amazing recipes to make your cakes almost as good as the ones at the bakery.

Overall, both the cook books and the bakery are amazing. The primrose bakery is definitely the next best thing, I think it is even better than the hummingbird bakery. It is something everyone should experience as it is great.

<3 Ellen 

      Marshmallow and chocolate cupcakes I made from the book